Home of the best fried pickles in the world!


Three buddies from High School start a business to sell Fried Pickles at the MN State Fair.

State Fair here we come! Our 2nd year in business we made our goal to get in the Fair.

Our 10 Year Anniversary!Sales continue to grow!

The Pickles move out of the Food Building to a new location with a new trailer. The number one question at the Information Booths that year? "Where are the Pickles?!!" Customers came to the new location in a panic thinking we had left the Fair and once they found us they were relieved!

Customers continue to ask, demand...where can we get these besides the Fair? A new Company is formed KWF Foods LLC. We started manufacturing our signature product; The Original State Fair Fried Pickle.

We signed on with a Food Broker (Street Vision Foods) to help with Sales and they immediately saw the potential with our product and went to work.

In one quick year we found ourselves in multiple distributors including Apperts, Pohls, Swanson Meats, Sysco and Reinhart. Pickles began to be sold across the state of Minnesota!

Some would say "We've tried fried pickles", but have you tried ours? There is a difference and side by side 9 out of 10 prefer our Original State Fair Fried Pickles.

Enjoy the Fried Pickles in your Restaurant, Food Establishment or Sports Venue!

In 2014 we got a call from the concessions at a 2nd MLB stadium looking for the best fried pickle on the market.

This year has been an exciting year for us. We are selling product across the state in MN, Dallas TX and Chicago IL. We have signed on with brokers in both Dallas and Chicago.

We have had some major developments in 2016 with our first International sale to Dubai and secondly our new product the Bacon Fried Pickle!

If you have a major venue in your area and you would like to try the BEST Fried Pickle on the market give us a call.

They are sure to be your new favorite.